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Heroes Essay

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In the profession of aeronautics one’s job can be extremely strenuous, but one of the few things that are harder to bare is being a loved one of someone in the profession of aeronautics or in the case of Ray Bradbury’s story a “Rocket Man”. The rocket man has a son who is about 11, old enough to know what his father does and to be interested in it but to have just begun asking the real questions. His father leaves for four or five months at a time, going to other worlds. When he returns he struggles to become interested in the world. Viewing the situation of the spouse of the “Rocket Man” the mother decides to not discuss the father while he is away. One day as the father is leaving he has a conversation with his son about the life that he lives, and how he does not one him to follow in his footsteps. He gives the boy insight into how painful it is, when he is home his mind wonders to that of the rocket, but when on the rocket he yearns for   his family. He has become divided between his two loves. Viewing the situation of the spouse of the “Rocket Man” the mother decides to not discuss the father while he is away. She lets her son that when the man she loved became a “Rocket Man” the way for her to cope was treat him as if he were dead. She painted the picture in her head that her spouse had died on the day he left so that if he was to meet his end she would feel less pain. The idea of a loved one being lost while having a job that society deems so important is something that the family soldiers and astronauts must face. Knowing that one can’t ask the person they love to stop what they feel is there passion and purpose but at the same time knowing that the devastation that could come from them being injured or worse killed is an everyday struggle. I state that this story can be read as an allegory to the military life, that certain jobs such as a military official have a negative impact on children’s mental health and can pull families apart. Stories such as “The...

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