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Henrys Viii Power Essay

  • Submitted by: nickcaine
  • on March 27, 2014
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To what extent was Henry VIII himself in control of the events and how far was he manipulated 1536-1547?

Between the years of 1536-1547 I think that Henry had lost control slightly but generally still proved that he was powerful, and that it is limited to say how far he was manipulated.

By 1540 Henry’s reign was gradually coming to an end, this was because of the effects of Henry’s ill health. Throughout the 1540s, Henry's health was in a huge decline. He suffered chronic headaches and an ulcer on his leg which kept him in great pain. He grew enormously fat, and he was peevish and unpredictable in his behaviour. This had a huge impact on his ability to run the government sufficiently. However that is not completely true, between 1543 and 1546 Henry was seen as a bully who had gone mad with power, this is because he tended to use fear as his main method of control, for example Henry executed over up to 150,000 people, which clearly demonstrates his threatening side.   As a result of Henry’s illness he could be more influenced and this made him vulnerable and easier to manipulate.

The extent to which Henry was in control was between 1543 and 1546 varied,   the period of where factional struggle occurred did not help how Henry ruled especially when his health was declining, as well as problems with marriage, as a result of this, this caused him to be partially control of the courts. However after the death of Catherine, Henry was looking for ways to show his power. He was looking to restore manhood, to do this he sent 48,000 men into battle against the French in June 1544, although Henry felt fulfilled with his efforts, his determination left him in huge financial debt. Henry’s decision to sent 48,000 into battle shows he had some control. Furthermore the ways in which Henry acted on to improve the financial situation was brave a demonstrated that he could make clear decisions, for example in the mid 1540’s Henry to help the current economic situation by...

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