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Heartbreak in Safe Heaven Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on September 1, 2013
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Heartbreak in Safe Haven
I. Introduction
a. Intro topic and works
b. State thesis
c. transition
II. Descriptive detail
a. Ballads imagery
1. Purpose: The purpose of the imagery in “Ballad of Birmingham” is to describe the little girl’s innocence, and the mother’s fear of losing her loving daughter.   The mother’s worry for her child is depicted throughout the ballad as the mother imagines how things would go horribly wrong if she’d let her girl go to the Freedom March, “No, baby, no, you may not go, For I fear those guns will fire”. The little girl’s innocence is depicted as she gets ready to go to church, for she obeys her mother’s orders. The white shoes give the reader a feeling of her innocence, white is a color that is usually implied to describe peace. The mother’s worries are further described as she hears the loud thunder coming from the church.   The description of her eyes getting “wet and wild”, her screaming for her child, and the search through the church’s debris give a sense of despair for her biggest worries may come true. Lastly, the discovery of the white shoe symbolizes the little girl’s innocence lost, and the biggest of the mother’s worries as a reality.
2. Effect: The effect that the imagery of the ballad has in the reader is despair, and the wanting to do something. The relationship of pure love between the mother and the child is easy to relate for many people. Furthermore, the loss of someone dear is applicable to many, and the feeling of being useless to do something to help that on that passed away is so as well. Reliving this situation causes the feeling of grief and the feeling that something could have been done to stop this. For many there is nothing worse than to hear about someone losing a person close to them, even worse when it’s a mother losing a child.  
b. Accounts imagery
1. Purpose: The purpose of the imagery in “The History Behind the Ballad” is to further describe with facts that happened in the bombing of the...

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