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Healthcare Delivery Systems Essay

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1.) Define each of four main areas of IT healthcare system applications.
The four main areas of IT healthcare system applications are:
• Clinical information systems
• Administrative information systems
• Decision support systems
• Internet and e-health

2.) Summarize the impact of medical technology in each of the following areas and give examples:

o Quality of care: : Quality of care is enhanced only when novel processes can avoid or postponement the inception of serious ailment, provide better analysis, making faster and additional comprehensive cures possible, intensification safety of medicinal treatment, minimalize disagreeable side effects, promote sooner recovery from operation, intensification life expectancy, and add to quality of life.

o Quality of life: Quality of life indicates a patient’s overall approval with life throughout medical treatment. An illustration for quality of life is that it improved when technology empowers individuals to live ordinary lives despite of the individual incapacitating conditions disturbing speech, hearing, vision, and movement

o Healthcare costs: Technological improvements have been the solitary significant factor in medicinal fee inflation (Institute of Medicine, 2002). Firstly, there is the price of acquiring the novel technology and equipment. Second, distinctive exercise for physicians and technicians to control the equipment and to analyze the results often leads to intensifications in labor expenses. Third, novel technology may require exceptional space and facilities (McGregor, 1989). Finally, the utilization novel technology is assured when it is protected by insurance.

o Access to healthcare: Geographical access to health care can be upgraded for many individuals by providing mobile equipment. Mobile equipment can be transported to rural and remote sites. Mobile cardiac catheterization laboratories, for example it cans assistances of high technology obtainable in rural settings.


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