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Health and Social Care Essay

  • Submitted by: NadzBfd1
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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  * Deafness in hospitals mean that the receptionist, nurse, doctor will have to use sign language because the message sender/patients will only understand if is talked to non-verbally-(body language, sign language, lip reading or even hearing aids might help if the person isn’t that deaf but still can hear a little bit so the hearing aids might help his hearing)
  * Blindness in hospital means that the receptionist, nurse, doctor will have to communicate verbally or maybe the message sender/patients can use Braille or touch to communicate so that the receiver understands.
  *   Language difficulties in hospitals means that the message sender/patients will have to communicate though a translator which them the receptionist, nurse, doctor will understand what is being said.
  * Accents in a hospital my be a barrier because the receptionist, nurse, doctor will not be able to understand properly because the accent is either to posh or to hard to understand so the message sender/patients will have to repeat themselves to talk slowly.
  * Emotions in a hospitals may be a barrier because when the message sender/patients is emotional and is trying to send a message it will be hard for the receptionist, nurse, doctor to understand because the message sender/patients is to emotional to communicate so the   message sender/patients will have to calm down and communicate with the receiver in a more calmer tone and the receptionist, nurse, doctor will have to calm down their tone and pitch, they will also have to use facial expression and body language-(posture, gesture, touch) to reassure the   message sender/patients.
  * Gaps/pauses might be a barrier in a hospital because too many gaps /pauses may prevent or distort the message from getting to the receptionist, nurse, doctor with then might be misinterpreted the message which then will be ignored by the receptionist,...

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