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Health and Social Essay

  • Submitted by: fayzaabdi
  • on June 21, 2014
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heories of communication provide ways of analysing communication between people and give care practitioners an insight into what works and why as communication is such a key factor in their job role. Effective communication involves a two-way process in which each person tries to understand the viewpoint of the other person. Good communication involves the process of checking, understanding, using reflective or active listening.[1] We study the main theories of communication below.

1.1: Argyles Theory

Michael Argyle studied and developed theories on human communication and also interpersonal interaction. He looked at both verbal and non-verbal[2] communication. Argyle created a communication cycle, this is figure one, which helps us to understand, describe and also predict how communication occurs in one to one situations.

Figure 1: The Communication Cycle

Argyle explained that communication is a skill that needs to be learnt and also practised like any other skill. He also claimed that communication is basically a two way process which involves people sending, receiving and also responding to each otherĂ¢s verbal and also non verbal messages.

The communication cycle breaks up into the following stages:

1. An idea occurs, you have an idea that you want to communicate.

2. A message is coded, you think through how you are thinking and subsequently you put your thoughts into language (or into some other code).

3. The message is sent; you speak, sign, write or deliver your message in some other way.

4. The message is then received; the other person has to sense your message.

5. The message is then decoded; the other person has to understand your message, however this is not always easy since the other person can/will make assumptions about your words and body language.

6. The message is then understood, if your ideas are understood then communication has been successful.

The person who receives the message will keep the...

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