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Head Start Essay

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tart Lincoln Head Start

          Today was my day at the Lincoln Head Start. I had 3-4 year olds for my head start

observation.   I was there by 0830 and the classroom was pretty compact and divided into

meal section, study area and play area. The kids were having breakfast and they were

pretty disciplined and ate at their own spots. They didn't spill anything or make a mess of

anything. They were pretty lively and chatty . They looked happy and relaxed with

the tutor and my presence in the classroom didn't really seem to bother any of

them. As I started talking to them, they managed to accept me quickly and pictured into

their minds that I was a part of the teaching team. They came to me also for help, gave

me complaints about the other students not behaving and having the faith and trust in me

as a part of the teaching team.

    In addition, the classroom was supportive, inspirational and very relaxed. The teacher

treated her students as individuals and gave time to her students and made them feel that

making mistakes was a part of learning process. The students started their day with the

day, date , and the month, talked about weather, read the letter of the day,   the teacher

read a few stories, and also had the studied the state they live in and had to cut the outline

of the state map, color and paint it. Then the kids had play area time which was pretty

interesting to watch these kids play around with the toys, the boys played mostly with

cars, buses, bikes and stuff and girls on the other hand played with dolls, carried purses,

walkers, vacuum cleaners, sat on a toy cash register, played kitchen and served food.

They were mostly engaged in solitary, parallel and associative play. (McKinney2009)

Then it was their playtime outside and i joined the kids in play and we had

so much fun. And there was this one girl, she was wanting to play with me pretending

I was her...

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