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Hcs 475 - Leadership Paper

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HCS 475

Leadership Style Paper
Leadership is something not everyone can do in their lives, and for one it should be defined as a process by which a person can influences others around them to accomplish an objective as well as to direct the organization in a way that can make it grow and be a successful organization. The role of leadership within any organization would be determined by the culture the organization as set in place from the beginning and established it to the employees. A good leader sees the best in people and figures out what it takes to motivates the individuals.
Leadership style is a form of manner and approach in which an individual can provide direction, implementing plans, motivating, and influencing people. These are skills some are just born with, while others can develop these treats with years of practice. A particular leader that I have found is interesting and also helpful on a personal level is that of my director at my current job. Her name is Loubna Noureddin and she is the director of Staff and Community Education at Miami Children’s Hospital. Her ability and skills as a leader in the organization has helped a form of culture in the organization move forward in the right direction has she has help lay out a plan on the beliefs, values and knowledge   that you would want from any leader at any major healthcare organization. From the reading this week I truly believe that she is a participative leader. We can see that a participative leader shares information with others and willing to listen to their employees. This type of leader allows employees to become part of the team and allows them to grow and make better decisions. Working with this type of leader allows one to grow and develop into a leader them one day.
There are many different forms of leaders out there and knowing which they are may benefit you in your current job, and in the future when you are working with other leaders. Some of the other styles of leadership...

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