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Hcs 325 Week 4 Motivational Methods Essay

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Motivating Employees Without Breaking the Bank

March 5, 2012
HCS 325

Motivating Employees Without Breaking the Bank
As a manager, one of the most difficult situations to face is unmotivated employees because decreased employee motivation results in lowered production and quality, thus triggering a decrease in revenue that no organization wishes to face (Mossbarger and Eddington, 2003). To prevent this loss of revenue, a manager must know how to motivate the employees he or she supervises. Motivation comes in two main categories, financial motivation and non-financial motivation. This article will discuss three motivational methods managers may utilize to counteract an organization’s revenue losses through employee motivation, without said motivation causing the organization’s revenue to fall further into the deficit through salary increases, bonuses, and other high-cost motivational methods. The motivational methods this paper will explain are alternative work arrangements, positive reinforcement, and satisfier and hygiene factors (Lombardi and Schermerhorn, 2007).
Not All Motivators Work Effectively for Everyone
Not all people are alike, thus the same motivators do not work for all people. Higher order needs, one example being self-actualization needs (those that provide pride or enlightenment in oneself), motivate some individuals, while lower order needs like social status and physical needs motivate other people (Lombardi and Schermerhorn, 2007). Likewise, an individual must have interest in reaching his or her employer’s desired goals and be self-motivated, or no external motivation will help the person become an employee a manager takes pride in and boasts of (Strauss, 2007). A study examined a group of employees asking how they would rank motivational factors in their workplace. According to Linder (1998),
The ranked order of motivating factors were: (a) interesting work, (b) good wages, (c) full appreciation of work done, (d) job security, (e)...

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