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Hawaii's Goverment Essay

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Hawaii’s government is very organized and set up in a very structured way.   It is a bicameral legislature, and is split up into two levels of government, state and country. Hawaii’s government is divided into three cohesive branches, executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch consists of the governor, who currently is Neil Abercrombie, the lieutenant governor, attorney general, compeller, and the finance director. It is headed by the governor and they are re-elected every four years. Electing officials is an essential part of the governing process. When elections take place fifty one representatives elected from fifty one different districts for two year terms, and twenty five senators from twenty-five different districts are elected for four year terms. The efficient governor has the right to recommend legislation, and veto bills. Furthermore, the governor appoints top officials such as an attorney general, finance director, and judges. The legislative branch consists of the House of Representative, which holds fifty-one positions, the Senate which contains twenty-five members, and the commissions to re-divide districts. This branch has the power to override the governor’s veto. It also consists of the legislative reference bureau. This group regularly helps the legislative branch. The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court, which accounts for five judges, the court of appeals including three judges, the circuit courts which are composed of for four judicial circuits, and the district courts which accounts for four districts. All of the significant jury trials are held in the circuit courts of this branch. The judicial branch administers justice importantly. In Hawaii the Supreme Court is the highest court in their government. Not only does the government take care of vetoing bills, and making laws but they also provide services for their country. They provide the police stations, and even the fire stations. Each country has a mayor and a...

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