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Hassans Story Essay

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A: The two main types of surface markings on bones are depressions and processes.
B: Liu and Hassan are surprised to find a metopic suture on the adult skull because these are typically found in newborns and usually go away by the age of six.
C: The perpendicular plate, the vomer, and the inferior nasal concha are all delicate nasal structures that might be missing from an excavated skull.
D: Ways that the team would be able to tell the ages of the baby and the woman would be by four main sutures in the skeletal remains. The coronal suture, sagittal suture, squamous suture and the lambdoid suture could all be used.
E: The feature that would show that the larger skeleton in the sarcophagus was a female would be that the vertebral column size, the vertebral column of a female is smaller than that of a male.
F: Bones in the neck region that can be damaged during strangulation or neck trauma include not only the cervical vertebrae but also the hyoid bone.
G: The way that the anthropologists can tell which vertebrae are cervical, lumbar, or thoracic is by the size, shape and physical characteristics of the bones.
H: Bones can show signs of disease that destroyed the community because they are living tissue and are constantly affected by a person’s health.
I: The structure that passes through the transverse foramina of cervical vertebrae that could cause death if it is damaged would be the spinal cord.

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