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Hardware Fundamentals Assignment Essay

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Assignment 1

Part 1- Building your own machine
Part2- Preventive Maintenance
                                                      Peter Muponda


          Hardware Fundamentals ISCG5400

              Iman Iardekani
                                                          7th May 2013

Executive Summary
        This report explains how to build three desktop computer systems with the best performance at the lowest cost by choosing hardware parts within set budgetary limits for gaming ($4000), home ($1200) and office ($2500) use. The report explains why the configurations for each category are suitable for each desktop computer. The discussion then focuses on selecting three laptop models with similar configuration to the designed desktop systems for each category. The performances of the desktop computers are examined in relation to functionality and budget. A comparison is made of the desktop and laptop systems for each category listing the advantages and disadvantages .The report then describes the purpose of carrying out preventive maintenance for the systems in a bid to keep the machines at optimum functionality. The facts and findings in this report are based on information obtained from journals, newspapers and internet blogs. It is concluded that a computer system with the best performance can be assembled within any at low cost depending on the purpose you want to use the computer for. Preventive maintenance is essential to minimise breakdowns and increase performance, improve and extend the computer life.[Burkhart Dental | CATALYST MAGAZINE | Issue 1,2003.Dr Kimberley Hansen p. 34]

Executive Summary     i
Table of contents       1              
1.0. Introduction       2
2.0. Part 1: Building of your own machine...

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