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Hardening Linux Essay

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Hardening the Linux Operating System



Linux is a powerful and trusted operating system. Used as a server it is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. For these reasons, and many more, Linux is used all over the world to serve millions of webpages and provide other services every day. The prevalence of online hacking, and other intrusive behaviors, make it important for network administrators to both know and understand how to harden their Linux operating systems to prevent unauthorized use. Keywords: linux, hardening, system, operating system, security, network

HARDENING THE LINUX OPREATING SYSTEM Hardening the Linux Operating System The proliferation of the Internet into our everyday lives has changed not only the


landscape of technology, but even our day-to-day activities. This involvement make it even more important that people responsible for keeping the Internet running are aware of the potential threats that may compromise the security of the systems they manage. The Linux operating system, which is the de facto server operating system worldwide, is used for a variety of very good reasons. As will be discussed the system is superior to other available operating systems in many ways. Even with all of its advantages however, great care must be taken must be taken to properly implement and maintain Linux hosts to protect them from malicious activity. Hardening of the Linux operating system is essential in a production environment facing the Internet. Fortunately, the Linux operating system is inherently secure and provides several tools to maintain that security. Linux Operating System Linux, named after and developed by Linus Torvalds, was first released in the early 1990s. The UNIX-like operating system was developed as an open source project, which allowed among other things, the software to remain free and be installed on...

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