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Hard Times Commentary Essay

  • Submitted by: Sanjana27
  • on March 18, 2012
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This extract taken from the novel, one of Charles dickens shortest, Hard Times, is a very intense scene of some sort of argument between a very arrogant and rigid man, and metaphorically, most of the rest of the world. The genre of this extract is literary fiction – Hard Times is one of those books considered to be important to the development of civilisation in the Western world. It is written for the purpose to entertain the reader then again, Dickens’s sending a message to them on the educational system in the Victorian times. The target audience would most likely be teenagers to adult readers. Dickens style of writing would definitely be the building up of description through repeating words for emphasis. This extract has a number of tones including authoritative, sarcasm and detached.

This chapter has nothing more than three paragraphs. The first includes a short introduction of a ‘speaker’, and his detailed perception of what children should be taught – Facts. The following paragraph is quite a complex one, with a full description of the speaker and how his physical features emphasises his speech. Lastly, the third paragraph concludes and finalises what the speaker is actually there for, the language used here is very intellectual and grasps the reader greatly as do the previous paragraphs.

The very first word of the paragraph, ‘NOW’, clearly starts off the speech strongly and already has the reader taken back. ‘Facts’ follows. The writer has put this with a capital letter, almost as if he is indicating that this alone is the knowledge required. It has also been repeated many times in the text for emphasis. The way the writer uses a short sentence, ‘Facts alone are wanted in life’, gives sort of finality to the statement made by this speaker. Gives the impression to readers that he’s the only person who is right and everyone else is wrong, it also creates the image of a stiff and unyielding man.

‘Plant nothing else, and root out everything else.’...

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