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Habitat Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Habitats/Biomes |
The Earth has many different environments, varying in temperature, moisture, light, and many other factors. Each of these habitats has distinct life forms living in it, forming complex communities of interdependent organisms. A complex community of plants and animals in a region and a climate is called a biome.
Some of the biomes on Earth include:
  * Desert - very dry, either hot or cold
  * Tundra - cool, treeless, and dry
  * Chaparral or scrub - coastal area with hot, dry summers and mild, cool, rainy winters
  * Taiga or Coniferous Forest - cool and dry, with coniferous trees
  * Temperate Deciduous Forest - cool and rainy, with deciduous trees
  * Grassland - Windy, partly dry sea of grass with few trees, including tropical savanna, prairie, steppe, pampas, etc.
  * Mountain biomes: there are a lot of different mountainous biomes, from grasslands at low altitudes, taiga (coniferous forests) below the treeline, and alpine (the same as tundra)
  * Temperate Rain Forest - cool and wet
  * Tropical Rain Forest - warm and very wet
  * Land Cave - cool and dark
  * Wetlands - there are many types of wetlands, including swamps, marshes, moors, bogs, fens, sloughs, etc.
  * Freshwater Marsh - a wetland located near creeks, streams, rivers and lakes
  * Temperate ponds
  * Marine (ocean or sea) - including
      * euphotic (sunlit) zone
        * littoral or intertidal zones
        * coral reef (warm shallow salt-water environments based on coral formations)
        * estuarine biomes (where rivers meet oceans)
        * pelagic biomes (open seas near the surface)
      * disphotic (twilight) zone
      * midnight (aphotic) zone
        * benthic biomes (bottom)
        * sea trenches
        * sea Caves
  * And many more.
Some Land (Terrestrial) Biomes:
Biome | Water | Temperature | Soil | Plants | Animals |
Desert | Almost none | hot or cold | poor | sparse - succulents (like cactus), sage brush...

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