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Gun Law Speech Outline

  • Submitted by: Ibrown279
  • on March 24, 2014
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Current Gun Laws Should be Modified
I. Shootings are happening all over the United states, the only way we can stop them
is if we take more thought into self defense, the removal of pistol free zones and the
allowance for teachers to carry firearms on campuses.
II. Allowing Americans the access to guns helps with self defense.
A. (Counter) Some say that there are better means to self defense besides guns.
1. For example, jiu jitsu, karate, or tae kwon do.
2. Being able to fight allows a better chance to defend yourself.
3. (Counter) However what if the robber has a gun or knife? it would be incredibly hard   to stop and defend yourself against someone with a gun or knife while unarmed.
4. The more citizens that carry guns, the safer it will be.
5. The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. (especially to defend ourselves.) Taking that away from citizens is like taking away candy from a baby!
6. Many people say that the government should ban all guns, which is almost impossible. We banned drugs didn’t we? Did it stop people from getting them? No! So banning guns isn’t going to stop people from getting them.
B. Having guns helps stop robberies in homes.
1. For instance, a robber breaks into a house and intends to steal or hurt someone.     Allowing the homeowner access to a gun allows them to protect their house and family. (Especially if the robber is armed.)
2. Guns are used about 2 million times to stop violent crimes, including armed robberies in homes.
3. Citizens are already permitted to carry concealed weapons in 40 states,
however, there hasn’t been an increase of violent crimes or shootings.
C. Women need more protection,   and guns allow this.
1. Women are more commonly mugged because they are typically physically smaller and less muscular than males,   thus making them an easy target for muggers.
2. Women that do carry have a way to defend themselves, thus allowing them to stop muggers in their tracks.
III. The removal of...

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