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Guest Worker Program Essay

  • Submitted by: smokey420
  • on August 31, 2013
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Many immigrants come to the United States with the intention of improving their lives through the many opportunities offered in the country. Often, immigrants end up becoming employed in sectors that don't attract many American workers. Illegal immigrants make many sacrifices to reach the United States and whether is legally or illegal they are willing to work for lower wages than the average American criticizing them for taking the jobs they don’t want.     The Bracero program was initially instated during World War II it began with the U.S. government bringing hundreds of Mexicans to the U.S. to harvest the crops in California. It soon spread across the U.S and soon it provided the United stated with agricultural labor market. The program was renewed every two years until 1963 when, under heavy criticism, it was extended for a single year with the understanding it would not be renewed. After the formal end of the agricultural program in 1964, there were agreements covering a much smaller number of contracts until 1967, after which no more braceros were granted (William A, 2007).
The creation of a large-scale unskilled guest worker program has been a prominent element of comprehensive immigration reform proposals in recent years. This year it was featured as one of the four pillars of a reform framework endorsed by the Obama Administration. The main problems that are cited as justifying immigration reform include the deterioration of border security, the violence associated with human smuggling, and the widespread mistreatment of unauthorized immigrants. Many believe that a large scale guest worker program will help to resolve these problems by providing a lawful channel to divert the flow of unauthorized workers. This article argues that such faith defies the evidence. Namely, a guest worker program will not control the flow of unauthorized workers or secure the border, and will inevitably be accompanied by exploitation and abuse of guest workers,...

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