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Guatemala 1982-1996 Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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These are the three chosen episodes: EPISODE 1 is from 1982 – 1983 and describes the reforms in the parties and has the highest intensity of conflict from the whole civil war. There are two important things that form the situation: four rebellion parties melted together into one: the Unidad Revolucionara Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG). It was also the start of the military regime. The attitude of the URNG changes: they adopt a more defensive strategy with the aim to wear down the army. The attitude of the government starts to become pro evangelist churches; this is a subtle negative attitude towards the indigenous people. The most important conflict behavior is the start of the military plan Victory 82. Furthermore, there is a militarization of the public administration. (Comisión para el Esclaramiento Histórico, 1999).
EPISODE 2 is from 1983 – 1985 and has a lower intensity of violence and includes the end the military government.   The situation is formed by multiple important things: the last general of the military regime loses his power because of a coup d’état. Internally displaced groups are bundling their powers by creating Communities of Population in Resistance (CPR). The URNG still exists. The attitude in the conflict has changed over time. There is a re-grouping of forces which means there is some suspicious. The behavior consists of two important events: first there is Firmless 83: a military plan to gain more control over civilians. Furthermore the non-military campaigns Institutional Re-encounter 84 and National Stability 85 are started. (Comisión para el Esclaramiento Histórico, 1999).
EPISODE 3 is from 1986 – 1996 and is about the way towards the peace-agreement signed in December 1996 (Uppsala Conflict Data Program). There is a changed situation: both parties agree that there should be negotiations and there are held normal elections. The attitude towards each other is becoming more open: more and more agreements are made. The...

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