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Guam Visitors Bureau Essay

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Guam Visitor’s Bureau Case Analysis
  1. Do an internal and external analysis to understand the level of integration in Guam’s tourism Industry?

STRENGTHS   * Unspoiled, non-crowded, pristine environment   * Range of hotels from 1 star to 5 star   * Close to Korea and Japan (3-4 hour flight)   * Lot of visitors from Japan   * Pleasant weather   * Duty-free shopping   * Largest K-Mart | WEAKNESSES   * Lack of activities, events   * Location of adult entertainment and business in the main family entertainment area   * Inadequate infrastructure   * Graffiti, litter, dirty public restrooms give impression of public apathy   * Decision making process at GVB is slow |
OPPORTUNITIES   * Start Cultural offerings (Chamorro heritage)   * 90% visitors came for pleasure, can increase the business proposition   * Number of American tourists is low, this can be increased   * Target countries which are perennially cold. Control on tourist visa allocation   * East Asia countries   are a potential market to penetrate   * Underutilized air route and cruise market | THREATS   * Budget constraints due to badly-off government   * 40% visitors were from low income brackets less than $45000   * Susceptible to typhoon damage   * Local activism against tourism   * Sensitive to negative macro-economic and political developments |

Porter’s five forces:
Suppliers: It is heavily dependent on few airlines and hotels for the tourists. So there is a threat of withdrawal in case of any disagreement.
Buyers: Buyers can easily go to competing tourist destinations. There are several tourist locations apart from Guam in Asia-Pacific which have tropical climate.
New entrants: The threat of new entrants is low as cost of entering into such markets is low.
Substitutes: There are many other countries giving better offers and facilities at cheaper rates.
Competitors: Competition in this market is high. E.g.: Australia, Hawaii, Bahamas etc.

  2. What generic options does the GVB have to...

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