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Group Minds Essay

  • Submitted by: AviNaidu1
  • on March 24, 2014
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Avikash Naidu
February 2, 2014
Prof. Watson-Perez
“Group Minds” by Doris Lessing

In the article, “Group Minds,” author Doris Lessing argues about whether citizens of the free world have freedom of thought or not.   I agree with Lessing because mostly every young teenagers today that engages in “Group Think” tend to get themselves into situations of peer pressure or persuaded into something   and this is dangerous because it can lead to bad decisions and risks in life such as gang/gang affiliation, violence, drugs, drama, bullying, etc. Peer pressure affects people in various ways that can lead to serious decisions in life leading to serving jail/prison time, serious consequences, and even suicide.  
High School has the biggest population of followers in today’s society. From my experience in high school, people change the way they talk, dress, and act in be cool and to get into a certain group. I did the same myself during my freshmen and sophomore year of high school because I wanted to create and maintain a reputation as an underclassman like everyone else. In every group there is a leader and everyone will try to act like the leader to fit in and get along with the people in it. If you weren’t in a group in high school people would bully you or criticize you that led into immediate desperation and peer pressure. People would do anything to avoid that by joining a group or another word known as a crew at the earliest.
People who are followers and/or try to fit in a group tend to have all pressure on them making it difficult to make choices or decisions for themselves leading them to the consequences of peer pressure and group think. Although I was a victim of peer pressure and engaged in “Group Minds,” but that didn’t stop me from making the wrong steps and risks. From my observations, I observed many people who are engaged in groups having peer pressure that led them into a dangerous situation. One person will tell another to do something...

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