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Grooming Essay

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  • on June 22, 2014
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In the beginning of time, men had been applying mixtures of mud, minerals and even blood to decorate themselves. Throughout all of recorded history men have used scented oils as part of religious ceremonies and rituals. Of course, the invention of the disposable razor in the  1960’s wasn’t the first time men started to shave or remove hair from their bodies. Historians and Archeologists have pointed out that, Neanderthal men, around 100,000 B.C. were the first users of beauty aides, including filing their teeth and painting and tattooing their faces and bodies. The Modern Neanderthal would also pull hair from the head and body to alter their appearance and had even invented tweezers, (just like the Flintstones!)by using two shells to pluck hair.  Around 30.000 B.C., men started using flint razors to shave. They also used the flint to carve designs into their bodies, adding dyes to the cuts to create tattoos.
The first archeological proof of the use of tools and products were documented around 4000-3000 B.C. in ancient Egypt. Razors of copper were used to shave and both men and women used essential oils to soften the skin and assist in preventing aging. Oils were also used as deodorant, but more commonly, men and women would grind up carob and rub it into the skin, as well as apply incense and small balls of porridge under the arms. They would also gargle with milk and chew herbs to freshen breathe. Men used a bright green makeup paste made of minerals to their eyes. (Who knew that Bare Minerals was such an ancient company?) They also used Kohl as the first “Guy liner” to frame the eyes and darken the brows. Male vanity was evident at this time through the use of “hair growth recipes”, wigs, and even hair dye made from boiled animal blood. Little evidence shows the use of soaps among the masses, but the priests of the time valued cleanliness, bathing multiple times a day and shaving their whole bodies on a regular basis to keep lice and other parasites away.

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