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Green Mountain Resort Case Study

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Green Mountain Resort Case Study

Assumptions About Managing Turnover

The change manger image that Gunter was holding in the beginning was the change mange as director. When Gunter got the company he thought that he had a problem with the employee turnover. Gunter then started to change the organization to see if he could try and stop the employee turnover, when he add incentives and contracts to help the employees to say but all that did was drive the the employees away.
The hospitality literature is seen more as a couch for how they shape the organization. With the hospitality literature they are training and teaching to shape the organization on they’re seeing the image of change. They are giving more responsibility with there training and it helps them to learn the skills, like a couch that is training his team for the big game. This was helping the turnover of employees by making the training as what other company’s wanted.
The consultant seams to use the the change manger as a interpreter. The consultant had to look at what was going with the organization to see if there was a problem. The consultant seen that the problem was not actually a problem and had to tell the organization that the turnover was actually a asset for the company. The consultant seen that the other organizations was seeking the employees with there organization training. The consultant had to be the interpreter and tell the new meanings to the organization.
Assumptions Influence
The assumptions that Gunter had about the turnover made him think it was hurting the company. When Gunter started to look at the Green Mountain Resort he saw that they were having a big turnover and assumed that this would hurt the company. The Green Mountain Resort was located in a small community where there was not a lot of potential employees to hire. Then Gunter was trying to fix the problem but he was just made the problem even worse, he thought that the employees was leaving because there was...

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