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Green Hotels Essay

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Jordan Faust
CO401 Multi-Genre Project
Annotated Bibliography
Alexander, Sarah. Green Hotels: Opportunities and Resources for Success. Ed. Carter Kennedy.
Zero Waste Alliance, Sept. 2002. Web. 3 Oct. 2010. .
In the article, “Green Hotels: Opportunities and Resources for Success” written for the
Zero Waste Alliance, Sarah Alexander argues that hotels are consistently becoming greener
because many in the hotel industry have recognized the negative impact on the environment
through their business activities which harmonizes well with the newfound popularity of
“ecotourism”. Ecotourism, as defined in this article, is tourism that is “nature-oriented and
environmentally focused.” Since this type of tourism is on the rise, it provides a growing market
for environmentally friendly practices in the tourism industry. Alexander also argues that hotels
are becoming greener because the most costly and wasteful use of resources they use are the
consumption of nonrenewable energy, excessive water use, and generation of waste.
Since this article is written for the Zero Waste Alliance, the goal it focuses on is reducing
the consumption of resources and changing practices so that the waste produced in hotels can be
utilized as raw material by someone else. This group argues that a zero waste approach can
“increase efficiency, provide cost savings, reduce the burden of extraction from and waste to
nature, and allow more resources to be available,” so the audience can be determined as
environmentally conscious people with a focus on minimizing waste. This source can be applied
to my perspective as it touches upon the environmentally mindful reasoning that hotels have in
their recognition that they actually want to change their negative impact; this differs from the
intention that other sources say hotels have as they argue that more selfish intentions prevail.
Butler, Jim. “The Compelling ‘Hard Case’ for ‘Green’ Hotel Development.” Cornell Hospitality...

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