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Graduate Tax Essay

  • Submitted by: alfirin
  • on March 18, 2012
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A funding gap of £236m has been identified by the Scottish Government and to maintain quality and competitiveness, some form of contribution from graduates has been suggested to fill this gap.   The government are making plans and trying to find ways to fill this gap and want to implement changes on the Higher Education funding by 2012/13. In this essay we’re going to discuss the positive and negative consequences of introducing a graduate tax in Scotland.
ON December 16th 2010 the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning , Michael Russell , launched the higher education green paper “Building a smarter future” with suggestions to be discussed on how Scotland can find ways to minimize costs and increase fees for further education. A graduate tax has been suggested to solve the problem of funding. (The Scottish Government 2010)
Scottish students do not need to pay tuition fees in Scotland, for students from the rest of the UK the 2011/12 fee is 1850 pounds per year. In England, The White Paper for higher education, published in June, raised the tuition fee cap for English universities from just over £3,000 to £9,000 from autumn 2012. (Sellgren 2011)
One of the suggested ways to reduce the funding gap is charging UK students (about 22000 studying in Scotland), keep competitive and avoid making Scotland a cheap option with the motivation that RUK students already are required to pay in their home nation. (The Scottish parliament 2011)
Another option is charging European students. They have doubled in 10 years, costing the Scottish tax payer approximately £ 75m. European Law states that EU students must study on the same terms as domestic students but the Government is looking in to creating a similar system to Ireland, where the only way to get your fees paid by the government is if you’ve been a resident for 3 years, whether you are a domestic or European student doesn’t matter. (BBC 2011)
From 2012 Scottish universities can now charge up to 9000...

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