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Grading The News: Cbs Vs Cnn Essay

  • Submitted by: indianawarhol
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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On Friday, February 10, 2012, CBS and CNN covered some of the same stories, but differed on others.   The CBS News at 10 focused slightly more on local issues.   CNN featured more coverage of the internal conflict in Syria.   CNN has more comprehensive coverage than CBS.
CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 opens with a story on Mitt Romney.   Cooper reviews video clips from Romney’s previous campaigns dating back to his run for governor, establishing that Romney’s declared position is much more conservative now than it previously was.   Romney declares “I was a severely conservative Republican governor,” which Cooper presents as contradictory to the evidence, citing Romney’s previous Pro-Choice and Pro-LGBT equality position.   Cooper also consults with a source each from the Democratic and Republican parties.  
The next story is on Obama’s changes to policies concerning employer-sponsored healthcare for female employees.   The controversy of this issue is centered on the matter of whether organizations should be allowed to provide contraception to female employees.   The reason for the controversy is that some religious conventions preclude the use of contraceptives.   Obama amends the plan he had previously announced, which would require all employers to provide contraception, to require rather that the insurance companies provide contraception in cases where organizations morally object.   The previous consultants debated briefly on this topic.
The coverage moves to a human interest piece on Callista Gingrich.   An equal amount of air time is devoted to this story, and Callista’s childhood friend is briefly interviewed as a source.   As this story concludes, Cooper presents footage of the conflict in Syria.   Video and satellite images are presented to demonstrate that the Syrian government is turning arms on its citizens.   Civilians are shown fleeing from artillery.   A few more human interest stories are shown, as well as smaller stories including an exploding school bus, a...

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