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Grade Inflation Essay

  • Submitted by: ChristinaShirley
  • on August 30, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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In recent years, the phenomenon of grade inflation has been a subject of widespread public interest. Even though it is not a new issue, the grade inflation has generated a lot of interest by all classes of society.Grade inflation is a process whereby grade in educational examinations show an upward shift over an extended period of time that is not matched by an equivalent improvement in learning. For example, as mentioned by Summit(2013), the percentages of Yale student achieved grade A in 2012 is higher than the percentages two decades ago. The causes of grade inflation are the perception of increasing students’ self esteem, the deals of students as consumers and the influences of student evaluations.
          The emphasis on the perception of increasing students’ self esteem by education leads to grade inflation.According to that perception, the intention of education is to make students feel competent and confident on students’ own ability. Thus, the behaviour of grading students exactly is reckoned as brutal and hardhearted. As mentioned by Schiming(2013), faculty members to make student feel good and retain the students from leaving the campus by awarding higher grades to shield students from failure.
          The deals of students as consumers undermine the quality of higher education in virtue to over accentuate on students’ satisfaction which instigates grade inflation. The theoretical notion causes the campuses nowadays more prefer to attach importance to students’ satisfaction compared to increase the quality of teaching in order to propagate their campuses. Schiming(2013) mentioned that the behaviour of grading is described as an implement to satisfy students to get higher marks without discriminating and estimating achievements of student.
          The student evaluations which are used as an essential for promotion, retention and tenure are one of the causes of grade inflation.   As a summation, student evaluations induce the diminishment of...

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