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Goodbye Lenin Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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Goodbye Lenin

Goodbye Lenin is a German movie about the situation that occurred in East German between 1989 and 1990. During the collapse of the socialists, the fall of Berlin Wall, the capitalists came to East Berlin. The story is portrayed through the perspective of one family, comprising of Alex, Ariane, Lara, and Denis, which lived along the sudden changes of society from the capitalism to consumerism. This movie has several points related to sociology, for instance, culture difference, roles switching and socialization, which will be explained in the paragraphs below.
In the movie, Alex took part in an anti-government demonstration, while Christiane, his mother, was an ardent idealist and supporter of the ruling of Socialist party. When she saw Alex being arrested, she got heart attack and fell into a coma. Shortly after that, the Berlin Wall had fallen, and capitalism came to East Berlin. Everything had turned out to be totally different from the Leninist socialist period. During that time there were many changes both in culture and in lifestyle, for example, capitalism brought international products to the society, mass media had more freedom, and a lot of huge manufacturing sites like Coca-Cola and Burger King were built. There were changes in outfits and appliances, as decoration were more colorful, and FIFA World Cup was more popular among Germans. All of these happened in eight months and affected the Berlin’s lifestyle and Alex’s family.
Christiane had awoken after eight months with harsh, weakened health. Her doctor declared that any excitement might cause another severe heart attack. Alex perceived that recent events would be too much for his mother to withstand. He decided to take her home, removed the colorful decorations of the west and changed to what they previously had in the bedroom, dressed in their old-fashioned clothes, and fed Christiane with old-labeled Eastern jars but Western products inside. There were also occasionally strange...

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