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Going Camping Essay

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  • on June 21, 2014
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Today was a sunny fresh morning. Rocky went outside to see how the sun is coming out from the horizon. He lived in a village and there were a forest a mile away from the village. Rocky decided to go camping in the forest that day. He went inside his house and packed up his clothes, food and a hunting knife. He went out of his house got his key out and locked his house door and he went walking to the forest. After 1 hour he found a nice place near a river, he decided to stay there and set up his camp on the grass near the river. When he was done setting up his tent, the sun started to go down behind the trees and only little light could be visible. Rocky decided to get ready to sleep, over time all the forest was quiet and Rocky fell asleep. Next morning Rocky woke up and went outside his tent and the grass was wet so his feet also became all wet and he went to the river and washed his sleepy face and looked at the river. River was foggy and he couldn’t see anything over the river. He went back to his tent and went to see what he has in his backpack with food. He got bread and sausages and made some hotdogs for himself.   After some time he thought about going around the river and sees what was on the other side. After 15 minutes he was on the other side of the river he saw a squirrel on the tree that ran in her house on the tree. When he was on the other side the fog was clear. He looked around and saw when his tent was but it didn’t look the same as before. With suspicions he went back to see what happened when he came back his tent was damaged and his back pack was torn on pieces with brutal force and all the food was gone. He didn’t see who did that but later he saw a big paw print on the ground going somewhere deeper in the woods. Rocky was guessing it was a bear, with fear Rocky thought he is going to come back and get him, he was afraid so he got what...

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