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Gogo Essay

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A Jury of Her Peers (1927), a short story written by Susan Glaspell. A Jury of Her Peers tells the tale of a murder mystery of a farmer named John Wright who is killed in his sleep while his wife Minnie Wright the prime suspect is sound asleep lying next to him. Mr. Peters, the county sheriff and attorney become suspicious during the investigation to know that the Mrs. Wright does not have any answers to who killed her husband. The sheriff’s wife Mrs. Peters is there along with friends of the Wright’s, Mr. and Mrs. Hale who are there giving a statement during the investigation. The two women are also suspicious that Minnie committed the murder but are reluctant to present evidence that could insinuate Minnie’s guilt. The story insinuates that Minnie have killed her husband in retaliation for strangling her bird to death.

“A Jury of Her Peers” opens with controversy surrounding Minnie Foster Wright, who is in jail on suspicion that she murdered her husband by strangling him. Mrs. Wright's story is told indirectly through a conversation between Martha Hale—whose husband discovered the body of John Wright—and Mrs. Peters, the wife of the local sheriff. The sheriff asks Mrs. Hale to accompany them to the Wright's house so she can keep his wife company while the men investigate the murder scene. Thrown together by circumstance, the women form an immediate bond as they begin gathering some of Minnie's belongings to bring to her in her jail cell. Concluding that there is nothing in the kitchen except for “kitchen things,” the men begin their investigation in the upstairs of the house and in an outside barn. Left alone in Minnie's kitchen, however, the two women begin discovering their own clues about Minnie's possible motive for killing her husband. Gradually, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters begin noticing details about Minnie's life that escape the notice of their husbands. They notice Minnie's desolate, isolated existence, her broken furniture, the rundown kitchen where...

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