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God Is Most Clearly Revealed Through Scripture Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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Many religions talk about God being revealed to the world in a number of ways. Through holy books such as the Bible or the Qur'an, or through nature, people, miracles and visions. However, the sense in which the word revelation is used varies. Some people interpret the Bible to be a propositional revelation of God's nature in that it is divinely inspired. They take it literally and believe it to be the word of God, aimed directly at humans. Others believe it is non propositional, and should be interpreted.
The phrase ‘propositional revelation’ refers to God revealing truths about his nature to people.The key to propositional revelation is that truths about God are revealed as propositions.The distinctive feature of propositional revelation is that it reveals knowledge from God which is without error or need of reinterpretation. There are many possible types of propositional revelation (Holy Books like the Bible or Qur’an or visual/religious experiences of God). The role of faith with respect to propositional revelation is to accept the revelation that God has revealed. In Islam this same idea is expressed in the concept of ‘submission of God’ (whence the word Islam derives).
Thomas Aquinas suggested that ‘faith’ concerns knowledge about God who is transcendent. Aquinas argued that even if faith cannot be demonstrated to be true in the same way as science, he believed that it is based on something factual, which opinion is not. However faith is not as certain as science because faith cannot be proved true by reason, therefore propositional revelations are truths revealed by God but they are not demonstrable using human reason.
According to a propositional approach, the role of the authors of the books of the Bible is limited or non-existent since the Bible is God’s revelation. The inspiration for each book of the Bible is divine and this is what causes the author to write his or her book, among fundamentalist Christians they call this ‘verbal inspiration’. On...

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