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Goals for the Future Essay

  • Submitted by: crummybj
  • on September 1, 2013
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Constructing Written Responses to Posed Questions: GOALS FOR THE FUTURE

Brian Crummy

ENG 101-2: Composition I

August 25, 2013

As children we are asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The answers are always very simple, “a fireman,” “an astronaut,” “Tony Stark.” However, as we grow and move forward in life, the answers reveal their true complexities, “how will you get there?” The answer to that question is goals. By setting goals for the future, both personally and professionally, we are able to design a future we want with a roadmap on how to get there. For me, the categories of personal and professional goals intertwine. A better life for me, means a better life for my family, and a better life for my family means, a better job. In order for this future to be possible, I have set goals to act as GPS coordinates to get me to my final destination; the future. My goals in life are: To get a college degree, find a job I’m happy doing, and to provide my family with the same things I had growing up. All three of these goals are linked, and once one goal has been met, the others will follow suit.

Out of all my goals, attaining a degree has been one of the most important to me.   In today’s business world, success lies in education. Many companies pay more for employees with degrees. As an employee in retail, I have seen the success of those employees who have degrees, so it was only logical to go back to school. The first time I attended college, I had, like most people, just gotten out of high school and went straight to college. Needless to say I was burnt out and eventually decided it would be easier to get a job than it would be to get a degree. Now, as a father, that whole thought process has changed. In order to accomplish my goal of getting an education, I have had to dedicate myself to finding the time to complete homework while raising a family and working full time. While it hasn’t been the easiest process, I can feel confident knowing...

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