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Gmo's- a General Overlook Essay

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For generations humans have tried to modify food and plants in order to provide themselves with the best agricultural crops. It was done so by breeding different plants with the best seeds hoping that downturns would not incur. On the other hand, in the past decades scientists have been modifying organisms genetically through biotechnology tools by implementing specific genes from any sort of organism occurring into several public concerns.
The major ethical dilemmas and claims by many GMOs’ protesters is that a small handful of companies are re designing the world’s entire food supply by distributing and substituting natural seeds with hybrid ones full of pesticides that can be harmful to humans. One simple example to explain the ethical catches arising with genetically engineered products is to be found when two years ago after a massive earthquake struck on the island of Haiti was followed by Monsanto’s (one of the major GMOs manufacturers) donation of 475 tons of different hybrid seeds mainly of corn and tomatoes. Haitian farmers and peasants promptly responded that such seeds would be burned if entered the Haitian ground. (Bell, 2010) The multiple concerns on the environment and humanity of genetically engineered foods can be summed up in three main, crucial points. First, in order to produce such products, the seeds used are bombed with toxic chemicals that agricultural workers must wear special protective clothing when handling them. Second but foremost, the testing on GMOs has not yet given enough safety assurance for the possible negative effects on humans and agricultural environment. As of today, only 1% of USDA biotech research money goes to risk assessment (Ackerman, 2002), and no GMO product is labeled where four single companies (Syngenta, Dupont, Bayer and Monsanto) own half of the world’s seed. (Bell, 2010) Third but not last, the implementing of GMOs around the planet is leaving at stake the food sovereignty of farmers and countries around the...

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