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Gmo Good or Bad Essay

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Every new technology brings its own mixture of promises and threats and genetic engineering is no different. It seems that most of the people feel apprehensive towards gene technology as there are a lot of ethical issues around the subject. On the other hand genetically engineered organisms have been used in medicine, agriculture, food industry for the past few decades and have been rather helpful to humans. Therefore the question arise are genetically modified organisms good or bad?
The term "Genetically Modified Organism" or GMO has been applied to bacteria, plants and animals in which techniques of recombinant DNA have been used to introduce, remove, or modify specific parts of the genome of an organism. The whole process has been made possible through the discovery of DNA followed by making first recombinant bacteria in 1973.
Genetically manipulated microorganisms in industry are most commonly used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary usage. Human genes are being inserted into bacteria, which are then grown in fermenters. What we finishing with is a human protein which was produced by bacteria. This promises cheaper and possibly purer products in the future.   Based on Jenkins (2003) products, which are already being made, include human growth hormone, which promotes growth in children who are unable to produce enough of the hormone themself. Other products comprise interferon, which helps cells resist viruses, or interleukin, which stimulates the production of white cells that take part in the immune response. There is also insulin, which treats diabetics by enabling the body to regulate blood sugar. Now only in UK there is around 600 000 diabetics, many of whom require insulin every day. This presents a huge market for genetic technology although it may be quite expensive. According to Hayward (1992) insulin can also be produced by using existing chemical technology, as it is done by Novo Industry of Denmark, which...

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