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Gmo- Explaining Genetically Modified Oraganisms Essay

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Explain what a genetically modified organism is.
GMO’s are animals or plants created through the genetic engineering that alters the genetic makeup of the organism to generally have more favorable traits. This technology is used to merge DNA from different species, creating unstable organisms that otherwise can not naturally occur or be a product of crossbreeding.

Give 1 pertinent example of a benefit of GMOs and 1 concern about GMOs.
GMO organisms, specifically crops, are being outfitted to have inherent insecticide properties. These plants therefore become used commonly and replace any other predecessor. As with any insecticide, insects eventually become immune to the insecticide present in the crop and can quickly wipeout entire crop yields. “The diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) has developed resistance to Bt toxins sprayed in the field, and at least 10 species of moths, 2 species of beetles, and 4 species of flies have developed resistance under laboratory exposure to Bt toxins” (Wolfenbarger).
A benefit brought by GMOs can mean an increase in nutrition for a culture of people who rely heavily on one crop for most of their diet. For example, it can help countries with people “Improve nutrition of people who depend heavily on rice” (Peterson). Use of GMO’s with increased nutrients can then be used to help countries with vast amount of malnourished people by providing aid rice that has been altered to provide more nutrients.

State your position on GMOs
I am in favor of the use of GMOs widely in today’s market. The risk of them becoming susceptible to insects that could wipe out a crop (Wolfenbarger) is something that is already faced commonly by the use of insecticide that is sprayed onto the plants. Therefore the risk isn’t any increase, it actually stays at the same magnitude. The potential benefit to help millions of people that are malnourished, with a GMO that is able to provide more nutrients than naturally possible seems like a great...

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