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Globalisation Essay

  • Submitted by: emilynicole123
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Many sociologists have different ideas on how the process of globalisation has led to changes in the amount of crimes committed and the types of crimes committed, and Item A supports this by saying that these ‘views on the impact of globalisation vary’ which shows that there are contrasting views as to whether or not globalisation has had an important impact on crime. Item A points out that some sociologists see globalisation as multi-casual and an increase in interconnectedness in the world, which refers to the fact that due to things such as new technologies, there is a massive aspect of communication in the world that has not previously been present, which ultimately means that there are now ways for people all over the world to be in touch with each other at the touch of a button, and these new levels of communication have arguably led to a bigger crime network.
Technological innovation is one example of globalisation, and is also pointed out in Item A, and involves the introduction of new technologies, such as mobile phones which have now become so advanced that they have been compared to actual people. With this rise in technology there are negative impacts on the rate of crime, in that it has risen dramatically. This is due to the new levels of crime that can be produced with technology, and an example of this is fraud. However, as Tombs and Whyte (2003) state, corporate crimes are rarely considered newsworthy and therefore are not reported, showing that corporate crime is a lot more widespread than people actually see it to be, and supports the view that because of globalisation, newer types of crimes are being committed. Another example of this could be fiddling expenses. Because of newer technologies that have been introduced, companies are becoming more globalised and having offices in different countries, meaning that they pick up the costs of sending staff members over to these countries. Sometimes this means that these staff fiddle the expenses so...

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