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Global Protocol and Corporate Etiquette Essay

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      The importance of the global protocol and corporate etiquette were emphasized during last Saturday’s session. These topics are important since both the business and political worlds have become more global and that relationship selling has become a must for success. It can make or break businesses and political relationships among nations. This importance is even greater for international, multi-cultural enterprises operating in different industries. Face to face contacts are still important in business relations despite tremendous developments in technology. International travels are more frequent than before and this results cross-cultural interaction more intense than in the past.

      International protocol is commonly described as a set of recognized and generally accepted system of international courtesy. “In Rome, we must do as Rome does”. This is an old English proverb telling the importance of etiquette in travel. The traditions about eating, drinking, dressing, introducing, using titles differ in different parties of the world. Even in close geographies peoples differ in protocol and etiquette. When there are cultural differences, sometimes there are cultural shocks as well. For this reason, adaptation to other cultures and developing a flexible attitude is necessary.

      An interesting part of the introductory lecture was about flags. A flag symbolizes a nation or a country. It is important to know how it is flown, displayed and raised. During my elementary years, I experienced the first time to raise the Philippine flag. We were three to do such task and it was not a successful one. Initially, we started raising the flag smoothly with the anticipation that it will reach the peak of the pole, and then suddenly, one of my companions lost control of his grip of the ropes and the flag went down halfway. Instead of hearing the serene music of the national anthem, it was replaced with burst of laughs...

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