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Global Pollution Essay

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Erum Khurshid
Mr. Shiery
Science 7-8
21 February 2012
Global Pollution

In my opinion, global pollution is very bad for the earth. It changes the world. All of the bad things that pollute the earth can also harm humans and animals too. It ruins habitats for animals and it’s making it harder for them. They are ways we can help the earth if everyone is in it together.
The first thing that global pollution does is it changes the world right before our eyes. We found out that the current rise in global temperature on the earth is being caused because of human pollution. There is a lot more ice melting and that’s making our oceans rise a lot! Also, if we humans keep continuing to pollute, the carbon dioxide amount will increase a lot in the future. The main thing that is threatening the lives of not just animals, but humans also is pollution on the earth.
Another thing that global pollution does is that it ruins habitats for animals. All of the earth’s heating is causing a lot of the ice to melt like we saw in the movie, the Arctic Tale. That’s why Nanu and Ceila both had to find new places to live. Also, animals are noticing that the earth is getting warmer so they are all moving towards the north because is cooler there. Since a lot of animals are all over the place, trying to find food and shelter, it’s getting harder for bigger animals, like Nanu, to find food. Lastly, it’s mostly getting hard to find shelter. Many animals are dying because they can’t find safe places to live.
Finally, we should all find ways to be helpful to the earth and save lives for animals and humans. Some things we can do are to try to go green and save the earth. Everyone should try to use less energy and drive less. We should recycle more and waste less. Lastly, we should always conserve the resources that we have.
Global pollution is a major part of the earth’s changing. We can all work together and be a major part in helping animals and humans have better lives. We all...

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