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Glass King Essay

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Summary of the case

Marilyn Green is the director of dealer development for GlassKing,a major supplier. Now she seems to be spending more time coping with family infighting than she does on new product launches or gaining marker share.Besides, ewach year, the concers of her distributors, most of them independently owned family firms and grow more complex and alarming. Succession planning, sibling rivalry, and partnership squabbles have replaced sales growth as a priority.
Moreover, lately, the head of GlassKing's top dealership, an $80-million company, is involved in a bitter divorce that is consuming virtually all of his energy. Sales have been dropping like a rock. The consequences of unresolved family problems have hit GlassKing's bottom line harder than in the past. Marilyn first noticed a complacency among dealers at an annual sales meeting five years ago. Marilyn remembers when these owners were the best in the business. But now they were a little grayer, a little heavier, and clearly less enthusiastic about rapid growth
The family problem is the major cause and they even cannot notice that they won’t earn money for forever if this condition is continuing. Marilyn is very worry about this and she try to find out what she can do to solve the problem.

Discussion to the case

1. Remember the advantages
Marilyn Green has her hands full contending with family conflicts in GlassKing's dealership network and the reluctance of older dealership owners to retire. However, she should not lose sight of the advantages that family dealerships offer to a large company like hers.
All market shares is local, in my view, family dealerships generally serve local markets better because of their connection with the community. Their ties with customers and their families can span generations and help the supplier dominate markets for decades. The family dealership also often contributes a great deal of capital that the supplier would otherwise need to invest.

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