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Glass Castle Essay

  • Submitted by: bethallaire
  • on March 19, 2012
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The Glass Castle is an extraordinary biography about the life of Jeannette Walls. Walls had unique child hood. Growing up with two passionate and flawed parents and three siblings her life was difficult. I read her memoir because I really wanted to feel what Jeannette went through and how she overcame all of the obstacles in her life to become a very successful writer.   Her book is very inspiring and empowering to many because her life was so rough but she still managed to become a very successful person. This book also made me so much more thankful for the amazing life I have now, and never to take anything for granted again.
Jeannette Walls faced several obstacles during her life. One of the biggest was her father’s drinking problem. Rex Walls was a heavy alcoholic; he would usually come home from work drunk and take his drunken anger out on his home and children and then be struck with shame a second later. Every pay check Rex ever got in his hand should have gone to supplying his children but instead he would waste it all in alcohol. One Christmas he became so drunk that he lite fire to his family’s tree and presents after yelling sacrilegious remarks at mass. For Jeannette’s tenth birthday she asked her father to stop drinking for her present, he attempts to stop to make his daughter happy but fails.
During Walls younger years she attended many schools and lived in many different places. When living in Welch West Virginia she and her entire family were taunted by bullies. On several occasions a boy named Ernie around the age of Brian and Jeannette would threaten and hurt the Walls children. Once Ernie and his gang pedaled down to the Walls house and yelled “Garbage!” and threw rocks through their windows one hit Brian’s head and really hurt him.
Jeannette’s eldest sister Lori has had a wish to escape and move to New York City. Lori Walls is a very bright student and a talented artist like her mother.   Lori was a national merit scholar. Jeanette, Lori and...

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