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Gke1 Task 3 Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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GKE1 Task 3

GKE1 Task 3
The colonization of North America began in the late 1600’s. England, France and Spain began sending citizens to the “New World” in hopes of establishing new territories. The purpose of these new territories was to gain land for each countries expansion and to increase trade with new found resources. They also intended to increase political and private wealth. There were others who wished to flee religious persecution. Many of the original colonies failed as a result of death from disease, starvation or conflicts with the Native American Indians.
For the Native Americans this influx of strangers proved to be a turning point. With the arrival of the colonists came new diseases which, in time, decimated large numbers of many tribes. The French colonies in the East brought a peaceful cooperation with the Indians. France engaged the Indians in their desire to expand the fur trade and likewise, the Indians found a new global market as they contributed greatly to the fur trade. However, in the West the Spanish entered the new territories with the intention of controlling the region and the local Indians by forcing them into unfree labor and a persistent drive to convert their religious beliefs to Catholicism. The Pueblo Indians rose up in a major rebellion in 1680 led by Pope`. The Pueblo Indians united and attached the missions, killing hundreds of the missionaries and driving them from their native lands.   Soomo.("New Spain and New France," 2013)
As more and more Europeans came to the new land each ethnic group clustered into their own small settlements. They assimilated into the dominant language of English and the political landscape. They maintained some of their cultural traditions and language but did merge into the American culture.
During this era of colonization the new Americans demanded equality in their rights as citizens of the mother land. The Stamp Act of 1765 was noted as the first attempt of the Americans to...

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