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Gke 1 Essay

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  • on June 24, 2014
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GKE Task 1

Part A:
The Andean civilization, the Incas, had three diverse   regions within the borders of their control. This was a significant physical geographic factor that contributed to the development of the early society. The three diverse regions were the coast, the rainforest, and the mountain. Each area produced different resources for the civilization. The coast gave fish and fruit, while potatoes were farmed, metals were found, and wool from llamas was collected in the mountains and the rainforest provided wood and coca leaves.   An extensive road system connected these areas so they could be traveled and goods could be moved from area to area.   All members of the empire had a place and a purpose in exchange they were provided   necessary clothes and food to live on.

Part B:
According to Plubins, the first Chariot was invented in Syria around the year 1800 BCE over the next several centuries the Chariot advanced through diffusion and direct migration (2013). The chariot is a two-wheeled wagon type vehicle that carried two people and was pulled by one or two horses.   Chariots were the first instance of horses being used for a mode of transportation. Chariots where used   for warfare, hunting, and Olympic games. The chariot allowed for soldiers to shoot while continuing to move making it to be a great tactic during times of fighting.

Plubins, R. Q. (2013, March 6). Chariot.Ancient History Encyclopedia. Retrieved June 15, 2014, from http://www.ancient.eu.com/chariot/

Part C:
The two most significant physical geographic factors that contributed to the expansion of the United States was the Gold rush of 1848 and the Mississippi River. The Gold rush caused people to expand past the Appalachia Mountains to what is now the mid-western and western states.   These people ended up settling there making these lands their home.   Miners became wealthy mining gold, and caused America to become a wealthy county.
The Mississippi River is the largest river not...

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