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Gift Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Role play 4. Selling off a line of business


1. Do this quiz. Begin at number 1, make your choice, and then go to the number indicated in brackets.

1. You work for an international bank. This bank is in serious financial trouble, with losses in all lines of business. Do you...
      — make some staff redundant? (go to 6)
      — sell off part of your business? (go to 8)
2. The strike stops. You sack some of the staff. But compensation payments are so high, your losses get worse. Do you...
      — close down some branches? (go to 6)
      — amalgamate with another bank? (go to 7)
3. Your losses get worse. Do you...
      — close down some branches? (go to 6)
      — amalgamate with another bank? (go to 7)
4. A lot of customers leave to buy unit trusts from another bank. Do you…
      — start a new unit trust subsidiary? (go to 3)
      — look for another way of reducing your losses? (go to 12)
5. The new owner closes half of your branches. Do you...
      — stay on and hope for the best? (go to 9)
      — look for another job? (go to 10)
6. The staff go on strike. Do you...
      — back down? (go back to 1 and start again)
      — threaten to sack ll those who go on strike? (go to 2)
7. No other bank is interested in amalgamating. They are willing to take over your bank. Do you...
      — accept the takeover? (go to 5)
      — refuse? (go back to 1 and start again)
8. What do you sell off...
        — direct banking, the fastest expanding part of your business? (go to 3)
      — the unit trust subsidiary, the easiest to sell? (go to 4)
9. You are made redundant yourself. Do you...
      — look for a new job in banking? (go to 10)
      — set up your own business? (go to 11)
10. You get a good job in a new bank. Unfortunately, this bank is losing money. Go back to 1 and start again.
11. You go to the bank to ask for a loan to set up your own business. Unfortunately, your request is refused because the bank has serious...

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