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Geographies of Production Essay

  • Submitted by: tubs94
  • on February 27, 2014
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Discuss how and why globalisation has impacted the geographies of production.
The word globalisation is a commonly used word these days. It has affected most of the world in an every-day process and will continue to do so. In this essay the impacts of globalisation regarding the geographies of production will be discussed. The core objective of this essay is to focus on the patterns of production on a global to local scale. This has been challenging for geographers over the past twenty to realise the abnormal relationship between developed and developing countries by tracing these difficult patterns. This topic is starting to become more evident in every-day life and is further researched.
Globalisation has grown so rapidly due to improved technologies and communications around the world. This process involves economic, social and cultural activities that are increased over every nation’s borders. The economic benefits are simple, it will allow companies and businesses to grow larger across the world and trade with different nations. Social relations can be further extended due to globalisation. Extensions can be made in many different criteria’s, for example the movement of ideas and people and the different types of cultures can be further understood.
One of the biggest examples of this according to geographers has been the outsourcing of services by transnational corporations from the global north to the global south. The idea behind this is that the south is a developing country and therefore the cost of labour is very low compared to the global south. Government regulation makes it possible for service jobs to be undertaken in a wider range of locations. This is a huge beneficiary to the transnational corporations as they are able to expand their companies at a low cost.
It is true that globalisation has impacted the geographies of production. This is highlighted by these big companies finding it so easy to locate their business from America or Europe...

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