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Geoge Orwell Unjustified Essay

  • Submitted by: mufasa39
  • on February 26, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Geoge Orwell Unjustified" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Date: 25 February, 2014                              
The Scent of Hopelessness
A closer look at George Orwell’s “Shooting An Elephant”
I was horrified; I could not believe the vision before me. It was a stuffy morning at the beginning of the rainy season and I could only stand there and watch helplessly as the white man shot the elephant. One of the most majestic animals that did most of the heavy work we could not do. I was only twelve years of age and I could do nothing to stop the policeman with the gun from putting five bullets into massive grey bull of Asian descent. The beast was a wonder standing almost ten feet tall with massive white tusks and ears that flapped back and forth to keep it cool. The elephant was just standing there grazing in a paddy field minding its own business when a crowd of people formed near-by. The leader of the mob was a white British police officer with a large gun in his hands. He didn’t take long as I heard the ear piercing first shot, that brought the elephant to his knees for a moment but came back up-right. Two more time the animal was shot as the animal raised up and trumpeted into the air before collapsing to the ground. He would not die, it was still breathing when the crowd, lead by the officer walked up it. Two more shots rang out from the big gun fired into the unyielding elephant. This was a saddest day of my life as I tried to hold back the tears, I watched the crowd move in and strip every ounce of pride and meat from the dying great elephant. It was the one of the hardest lessons to learn that day and why this happened.
George Orwell was unjustified in killing the elephant, due to the temperament of the elephant, the crowd’s presents and the elephant’s death.
One of the most compelling reasons Orwell was unjustified was the animal’s behavior. We all agree the elephant is in musth. According to Doctor. K. Radhakrishna Kaimal, who did an extensive study on this phenomena of musth, there are four stages,...

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