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Genetic Diversity Essay

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What is Genetic Diversity? It is the total number of genetic characteristics in the genetic makeup of sciences (Wikipedia). Essentially genetic diversity serves as a way of populations to help adapt to change the environments. It is important to not loose species because it will lead to loss of bio diversity also, types of species. Population will continue for more generations because of the success of the individuals. The world is full of natural issues that are associated to mutation, sexual reproduction, migration, and the size of the population.
A mutation is a change of nucleotide sequence of genome of an organism, virus, or an extra chromosomal genetic element (Wikipedia). Mutation is usually caused by radiation or chemical mutagens from errors in the process of replication. For example, the movie “Wrong Turn”, people are obviously are mutated and deformed in all parts of their bodies due to chemicals and radiation surrounded by them. This can result in different types of change; they can either have no effect, change the product of a gene or avoiding the gene from functioning accurately or completely.
Then there is sexual reproduction, it is basically the process that creates a new organism by combining the genetic material of two organisms (Wikipedia). It occurs in both eukaryotes and also in prokaryotes. In humans males carry sperm which are small and motile and females carry eggs which provide food for embryo. Though, asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction must involve two partners. Partners join up so that homologous sequences are united with each other. It can happen in plants, mammals, insects, and in fish they all reproduce differently.
Migration is also another natural issue; it is the process of evolution and population genetics (Wikipedia). Evidently there are many forms of migrations; typically migrating is moving on to a different location. In an animal migration perspective it basically means traveling in long distances in search of a new...

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