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Gender Women Studies Essay

  • Submitted by: margueta
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Gender Women Studies" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Globalization has increasingly become an issue in this planet we call earth. To begin with let’s start with what exactly globalization means? The movie ‘The New Rulers of The World’ explains the impact that globalization has in countries such as Indonesia. Globalization has made countries such as this one interdependent. They can no longer live their own life the way they want it but instead have to live life with the burden and worries that comes with working for a powerful company. Many workers are mistreated, and pushed to their physical limits. According to the documentary “Sweatshops- workers are paid on average the equivalent of 72 pence a day, about a dollar. According to the Indonesian government that’s just over half the living wage”. This is not even enough to pay for a household of two people. Many of those who work in these places have their children and other family members to take care of. Since this is such a low amount of money they are forced to live in these horrible conditions were disease is more likely to happen and death at an early age. Many of the people who work in these sweatshops do it not because they want to but because that is the only job they can find.
What is even more surprised is that a small group of powerful individuals are now richer than most of the population in Africa. Giant corporations dominate a quarter of the world’s economic activity, such as general motors, Ford and etc. This comes to show how these corporations can either make or break someone. As a nation people depend too much on these companies for their overall economy, and for this reason is why people such as the lower class have to live in these horrible conditions. Indonesia is a country that is described by the World Bank as a model pupil until its globalized economy collapsed in the 1998. Now it is dominated by sweatshop factories from famous brands that is used daily in the United States. Enormously big rich people such as Bill Gates, have a wealth that...

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