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Gender Inequality as It Exists Today Essay

  • Submitted by: Masontippitt1
  • on March 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Gender Inequality as it Exists Today
Mason Tippitt III
Rasmussen College

Authors Note
This paper is being submitted February 2, 2014, for G142 Sociology course.

From a simplified definition, gender inequality is a term used to describe any form of unequal treatment towards an individual or a group of persons on the basis of their gender (Blau,   Gielen & Zimmermann, 2012, p. 67). The gender inequality can be traced from social differences that have been constructed from differing gender roles. Gender inequality has been an issue that has plagued different societies in the world since the ancient days or the medieval times. Women in most societies have been on the receiving end of norms, values and practices that promote gender inequality. For instance, in traditional societies the role of women was defined by the men in the society such as giving birth, staying in the kitchen and not participating in any decision making process in the society. As a result of significant growth in the world over the years, gender inequality has been identified as a major vice that affects development of both individuals and societies. Therefore, governments have put in place measures to address any cases of gender inequality.
Nonetheless, gender inequality has evolved with the emergence of modernity in the society. Gender inequality is present in modern day society in areas such as the workplace, political as well as corporate arena. In Arab, countries such as the Middle East women are still perceived as the weaker gender; therefore, cultural and religious norms require them to be confined in their homes and give birth only (Nganga, 2011, p. 134). For instance, in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive vehicles and cannot walk in public alone unless in the company of a man who must be either a husband or a father. Society does not trust women to take care of themselves; therefore, they have very little opportunity to participate in national matters.

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