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Gender and Family Essay

  • Submitted by: tbyrd34
  • on June 22, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Gender and Family

June 15,2014

Gender and Family
When women committed crimes they were usually or thought to be crimes that were associated with sex such as prostitution, running away (which led to sexual mishaps), and crimes of passion which led to the killing of a husband or a boyfriend. It was thought that women barely disregarded the law. It was proposed that females who violated the law were thought to have biological and psychological trait equivalent to those of men this is referred to as the masculinity hypothesis(chap.6 p.136). Although female delinquency is still lower than male delinquency it is expanding at a quicker rate then males. However women are also committing similar crimes as males.
There are believed to be many underlying factors when explaining sometimes how gender is related to delinquency. Hormonal causes can be an explanation in delinquency because hormonal imbalances can contribute to aggressive behavior. An imbalance of cortisol has been found to cause behavior problems in juvenile girls. In males large amounts of androgens are associated to delinquency. Females who have higher testosterone levels occupy themselves in stereotypical male conduct. There are psychological views that suggest that girls who participate in antisocial and violent behavior have mental distress or abnormalities. It has been found that juvenile female offenders who are incarcerated suffer from mental illnesses and psychological problems more than males. In clinical observations it was determined that female delinquents are more prone to suffer from mood disorders such as depression and separation anxiety. Females also have high occurrences of callous-unemotional traits. Although there are women that do participate in delinquent behavior males still have a higher crime rate then females. The reason is that males tend to be more aggressive than females and they are more territorial also. It is possible if you put two males in front of each other and...

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