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Gender Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Malaria and Deforestation

Malaria and deforestation rates are constant and are associated with one another. Studies that take place from the Amazon to Brazil show statistical data on how Malaria rates are constant with deforestation.   One of the most particular cases that I have cited has been the case in the Peruvian Amazon in the early 1990s.   This Study showed that the more heavily deforested areas were the areas where the population of the Malaria vector was the highest.   Therefore this shows that as the rate of deforestation goes up so does your chances of catching this treacherous disease.  
Deforestation is the clearing of the Earths forest on a huge scale, which results in the damage of the Earth’s land and quality.   Some are calling deforestation a modern day plague.   It is said that the Earth’s rain forest could possibly be fully extinct in one hundred years.   In our day and age there are many reasons why people cut down our forests, reasons such as money, to make more space to build things such as homes, shopping malls, or other things of that sort.  
The Top reason for the destruction of our forest is farming.   Many farmers may cut down many acres to make more room for crop growth and for animal grazing.   This process is called slash and burn agriculture.   Another big factor in the destruction of the forest is logging industry.   The logging industry chops down countless tress to provide the world with paper products and lumber.   Not all deforestation attempts are intentionally made by humans you have some unintentional deforestation.   Some unintended deforestation comes from things such as over grazing, which may prevent the growth of young trees and also things such as wildfires.  
Deforestation has many harmful effects on the ecosystem.   The most important negative effect is the loss of habitat for many species.   Seventy percent of the animals that are not marine animals and plants live in forests, and most cannot survive and face extinction...

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