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Genarals Die in Bed Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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PASSAGE 1. Chapter 1: RECRUITS pp14-7
Starts ‘Our train is to leave Bonaventure Station at night,’ and ends with the end of the chapter. In this passage, the army is about to leave Montreal.
1. From whose point of view is the scene of the march to the station described?
A sober soldier
• “Outside in the streets we hear the sound of celebration. Fireworks are being exploded in our honour.” Showing that he is a part of the group and most likely a soldier.
• “Those of us who are sober steady our drunken comrades” which states he is sober with the use of the word us and he is a soldier because he is helping his ‘comrades’.
2. In what state are the men in?
Majority of the men are in an altered state.
• “The drunks are shoved into position”
• “More than half the battalion is drunk. Pails of black coffee are brought around. Some of the bad ones have buckets of cold water sluiced over them”  
• “Those of us who are sober steady our drunken comrades”
How are they being portrayed?
The men are being portrayed as drunk, sloppy, dirty, hung over, vacant, tired, altered state.
3. How involved are the men in the celebrations?
They are the reason the spectators are celebrating in the first place so if it wasn’t for the soldiers there would be no celebration. The soldiers aren’t nearly as happy and everyone else since they have to go to war but they’re trying to enjoy most of it and have a good time.
4. How are the onlookers described?
• The onlookers are described as excited. ‘Outside a mob cheers and roars. Women wave their handkerchiefs.’
• Grateful. ‘Flowers are tossed into the marching ranks.’
• Hopeful. ‘The women are hysterical now that we are leaving. They scream at us: “goodbye and good luck, boy-y-y-ys.”’
The onlookers don’t show much understanding if any of the importance of the occasion for the soldiers.
5. What effect do the crowd and the girl have on the soldier? What happens to his state of mind?
It’s too much for him but he still loves the...

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